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Resolving Charges of Resisting Arrest or Fleeing Police

Especially when alcohol figures into the equation, it’s easy for young people to get into further trouble by complicating a traffic violation or disorderly conduct arrest with such additional charges as fleeing to elude police, resisting arrest, or even assault on a public official.

Wisecracks and sarcasm can escalate a traffic stop or minor in possession situation to the severe disadvantage of the defendant. Depending on the facts of the case, it’s sometimes difficult to convince an offended police officer to back off from the additional charge.

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North Carolina criminal defense lawyer Matt Davenport’s experience as a Pitt County prosecutor and in-service trainer for local law enforcement officials allows him to offer highly dependable advice and effective client service in resisting arrest cases. While police officers will often oppose dismissal or compromise of these charges, our law firm nevertheless has a good feel for the possibility of achieving a positive outcome.

We also understand the temptation for police to overcharge cases involving resistance or uncooperative behavior by a suspect. We can advise you about your options for resolving the case on terms that can lead to dismissal, or for presenting your strongest defense at trial. Any case of confrontation between the police and the public will be highly sensitive to the facts, and our skill with evidence in court can give you an additional advantage.

Our goal is to protect your record and your future

For dependable advice about your legal alternatives in a resisting arrest or fleeing case, contact the Law Office of Matthew J. Davenport in Greenville and discuss your situation with a knowledgeable defense attorney.