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Mathew J. Davenport DWI Defense

DWI Defense

People facing drunk driving charges should realize that there are ways to defeat the prosecution’s case.

Mathew J. Davenport Drug Offenses


The Law Office of Matthew J. Davenport, P.A. works with individuals that are facing drug charges or drug arrests.

Mathew J. Davenport Traffic Offenses


If you have been cited for speeding or any other moving violation in Greenville think twice before you pay the ticket.

Mathew J. Davenport Criminal Defense


Get advice about the prospect of resolving a criminal charge while keeping your record clean.

Greenville DWI and Drug Charge Defense Lawyer Serving Pitt County and Eastern North Carolina

At the Law Office of Matthew J. Davenport, our criminal defense practice focuses on two objectives: defeating your current charges and protecting your long-term interests. We understand the importance of keeping your record clean. Your long-term success in life may well depend on it. As a result, we take a lot of cases to trial when we cannot get them dismissed or deferred along the way.

Contact Greenville criminal defense lawyer Matt Davenport for a free consultation about the best ways to resolve your problem, whether it involves¬†drunk driving,¬†drug possession, or problems with driver’s license suspension.

Our Criminal Defense Strategies Protect Your Future Right to Expungement

Our clients usually cannot afford to plead guilty, even in misdemeanor cases where there is no real prospect of jail time. The damage to future career or academic prospects would be too great. North Carolina criminal convictions, whether by guilty plea or verdict, create permanent records that normally cannot be expunged.

That’s why our Pitt County law firm concentrates on ways to resolve cases that will preserve your right to expungement. Under North Carolina law, expungement means that all records of the arrest and prosecution are removed, and it’s as if the offense never occurred.

In Focus: DWI Lawyer

One large component of our practice involves defending those accused of drunk driving, DWI, DUI and traffic tickets. Whether you are a first-time or a repeat offender, we want you to know you have options. Pleading guilty is a last resort, and should not be done until your attorney has exhausted all other options. The penalties for DWI are too severe to take lightly. We will defend you to the fullest possible extent.

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Reach out to our Greenville law office when you are under investigation or have been arrested for a crime in Pitt County or any surrounding area. Contact us today.

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Criminal defense attorney Matt Davenport is a former Pitt County prosecutor who has trained many of the current assistant district attorneys and law enforcement officers about criminal practice, DWI arrests, and trial procedures. Today, he uses his insight and experience to help his clients confront and overcome difficult criminal defense problems.