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Finishing the Job in Criminal Defense

Because much of our practice involves defense of misdemeanor crimes, our clients are usually just as much concerned about the long-term consequences of a conviction as they are about their immediate exposure to punishment. It’s not enough to beat the charge — we also need to protect the future opportunities for our clients. Contact the Law Office of Matthew J. Davenport in Greenville to learn how our experience with expungement can benefit you.

Expungement helps you put a mistake behind you

Expungement (also known sometimes as “expunction”) is the process of deleting or sealing records, so that members of the public or anyone performing a background check will not find any record of a past criminal offense. There are obvious advantages to the person getting criminal records expunged — you’ll be able to state truthfully that you were never arrested or convicted of a criminal offense.

In North Carolina, it can be hard to qualify for expungement. You can clear your criminal record of misdemeanor convictions reflecting offenses committed under the age of 18, and you can clear your record of arrests, prosecutions and trials of adult offenses provided you were never convicted.

Defense lawyer Matt Davenport can protect your right to expungement

Because you can’t get convictions expunged in North Carolina, it’s very important for your defense attorney to do everything possible to resolve a charge against you through dismissal, deferred prosecution, diversion, or acquittal at trial. At the Law Office of Matthew J. Davenport, we keep this priority squarely in mind as we develop and execute your defense strategy.

We also make sure that your application for expungement is prepared carefully and accurately so that no record of your arrest will “accidentally” turn up in the online offender database. For additional information about your right to expungement in North Carolina, contact Matt Davenport in Greenville for a free consultation.