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Traffic Citations

North Carolina traffic citations present a clear choice to the driver who receives one: either pay the fine or appear in court on a certain day to fight the ticket. What the citation form doesn’t tell you is that you can pursue a third option which is especially convenient for out-of-state drivers — you can appear in court through a lawyer without actually having to be there yourself.

Contact the Law Office of Matthew J. Davenport in Greenville to learn how you can protect your driver’s license in your own state of residence by getting dependable advice about resolving your North Carolina traffic violations. Most states will count out-of-state tickets against in-state driving records, and simply paying the fine will count as a conviction of the offense charged.

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Our basic strategy in defending out-of-state drivers on North Carolina violations is substantially the same as the approach we use for local clients. The objective is to find a way to resolve the matter in a way that minimizes the impact on your driving record and your insurance rates. In most cases, that will mean negotiating the original speeding ticket into a nonmoving violation.

You might still have to pay a fine, but you won’t be facing the loss of your driving privilege in your home state through too many violation points or for failure to appear on the North Carolina ticket.

Greenville defense attorney Matt Davenport represents out-of-state drivers of all kinds: vacationers and tourists, students visiting ECU for the weekend, commercial drivers and truckers, and people just passing through the area from one state to another.

We can save you a trip back to North Carolina and protect you from a suspension of your license. Learn more about your options, and contact our office in Greenville.